Employ Autism

Partners with Industry is honoured to be supporting Ambitious about Autism and there fantastic Employ Autism programme.

We encourage you to read about there work described on this page and get involved by offering opportunities to some of the most Extremely Talented Individuals

Ambitious About Autism has developed a nationwide employability programme Employ Autism , in which they train and support employers to offer meaningful work experience placements for autistic people.

The benefits of offering a placement to an autistic intern include:

  • Access to a pool of untapped, diverse talent
  • Increase the morale and retention of your staff
  • Raise productivity levels and improve bottom line
  • Promote diversity of thought and problem solving
  • Support your existing workforce to thrive
  • Reflect the diversity of your clients and communities

You can also read more on Ambitious about Autism's Employer Pages or watch a Short Film on the programme.


Ambitious About Autism run monthly "lunch and learns" for anyone who would like a brief introduction to autism in the workplace or the Employ Autism programme, please feel free to join if you would like, or share the booking info with colleagues (both are free to access)

What is Employ Autism

How to Support Autism in the Workplace?

Bespoke Sessions on Autism Awareness

Ambitious about Autism are also able to offer 45-60 minute bespoke sessions on autism awareness, exclusively for your staff and networks with unlimited participants. Delivered as a webinar with a combination of presentation and Q&A. Topics covered can be varied to meet the needs of your organisation. The cost for these are £250 per session.