PLC Controls

The Devices that Control your Machines

PLC Controls Fault Finding and Creating that Essential Code to Control Machines & Process

Programmable Logical Controllers (PLCs) are the computers which Control a significant number of machines and processes. They are used for a Multitude of Applications in a large number of environments from manufacturing, distribution to process industries.

They have a Significant Influence on the performance of a machine yet they are often overlooked, appear to be too difficult to modify or in many situations you don't know they are there controlling a machine and determining the efficiency and productivity of your production or processes

For Any Application which is Controlled by a PLC, Our PLC Programming Service can work with all the major makes of PLC Including Siemens and Allen Bradley

  • Fault Finding existing PLC programmes to establish problems with Machines or Control Systems
  • Machine Performance Improvements through more effective Controls Programming
  • Modification and Upgrading of Existing Programs & Applications
  • Program Development from Simple Programs to Advanced Analogue Machine and Process Control
  • Integration into existing machines and applications
  • Inverter Drive Setup & Programming including associated PLC Control
  • Integrating Data Capture and Webservers to view Performance Data